“a spellbinding performance”

Washington Post 2009

“fresh, impassioned and elegantly presented”

Washington Post 2008

“Armonia Nova again proves that great things come in small packages.”

Review4U 2008

“With Armonia Nova, love takes beguiling wing ...”

Washington Post

Armonia Nova is an ensemble of instruments and voices based in the Washington D.C. area. Its members perform medieval and Renaissance music of Europe on instruments that are re-creations of historical instruments, applying scholarship and informed historical performance practice. Members of Armonia Nova strive to achieve an historically authentic performance with the desire for the listener to hear this remote yet remarkably beautiful music as it might have sounded when it was newly created.

Armonia Nova has been frequently praised for its intelligent and creative programming. The performances of this ensemble capture the emotional content of the music, bringing an intensity and immediacy to the performance while maintaining the purity and clarity of tone so essential to music of these early periods.

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  Armonia Nova in performance
Drawing © Cecily Wood - used with permission